Shopify Is To Ecommerce What The Apple iMac Is To Web Designers.

What do successful ecommerce brands have in common? They understand that an online presence is CRUCIAL to their success. And―between us―there’s only 1 platform that supports ecommerce better than anyone:
Shopify. A strategically designed Shopify website will be your supercharged 24/7 sales person. 

It’ll tell your story.
It’ll invite browsers to hang around.
It’ll turn prospects into first-time buyers.

And if you’ve got all your ducks in a row, your first-time buyers will become long-term brand fans who come back for seconds (or thirds)…
…because your Shopify website is a joy to navigate.

How’s your ecommerce website stacking up?

- Your website is non-existent and you need one quicksmart
- You know your website could do better and you’re ready for a refresh

Catching you browsing this page suggests 2 possible scenarios:

- Knows how to design AND build your online store
- Strategically maps out your website with maximum sales in mind
- Relies on responsive design to make your online store user-friendly
- Holds your hand after your website launch so you’re not on your own

The good thing? You’ve come to the right place.
Tiny Crowd is the Shopify Website Expert who…

Designing and building your Shopify website with Tiny Crowd is a walk in the park. Well, almost. 
Do we need your input? Heck yes!
Do we work as a team? Most certainly!

“Our collaboration moved the business in a new direction which refreshed a very tired brand with instant results.”

– Melanie Dachs, Marketing Manager @ Maggie T + Creswick Wool

Tiny Crowd Shopify Website Design & Build

The perfect solution? That comes down to you.


New to the ecommerce game? This option is perfect for small product lineups and set you up with anything your ecomm brand heart could ever desire. It’s the perfect starting point!

Kick-start Website Assessment Audit & Report

So we work out what’s working on your existing website and what needs improving

30 Minute Website Strategy Session

So that we’re on the same page for your website vision before we start

30 Minute Website Sitemap & Navigation Strategy Session

Where we map out the page and content flow for your new website

- Layout design of up to 5 pages
- Website styling based on your current branding

1 Hour Website Reveal Session

Where we explore the website design together:

The Deliverables:

Up to 5 web pages

So you have all the tools to build credibility and trust

Responsive Design

So your website is user-friendly on any device

Blog Setup

So you can add value for your audience

The project timeline? 

From AUD

Approx USD

5-6 weeks




The Strategies:

Shopify Website Design & Build:

Social Media Integrations

So you’re ready to hit the ground running

Optimised images

To minimise page load times and please Google

Website Content Planner

So you have a clear roadmap for your website content. 
(does not include copywriting or seo)

Personalised Handover Training

So you have answers to any questions in the early days.
(2 weeks support post launch)

1 Round of Revisions

So you absolutely LOVE your new website

Yes, we do. It’s important to me to make Tiny Crowd logo and brand design packages accessible to as many brands as possible. Simply ask about flexible payment plans during our discovery call.

Do you offer payment plans?

Here at Tiny Crowd, we usually book out 2–3 weeks in advance. So if you are contemplating a new logo and brand design for your brand, get in touch now so we can lock you in for the next available spot.

Can we start on my project right away?

No. The team and I have worked with Tiny Crowd legends from all across the globe. We might charge in AUD, but that doesn’t mean we think local.

Do you only work with people in Australia?

We’ll check in via email throughout the project and you’ll receive any concepts and designs via Dropbox or Google Drive. Whenever we need to jump on a call or reveal that will happen via Zoom so we can talk through it ‘face to face’. And if you ever feel that you need an extra chat, I’m always there for you.

How will we communicate during the creative process?

To keep our project on track and stick to the agreed timeframes, we allow up to 2 weeks to receive your feedback. From experience, that’s just the right amount of time to let everything sink in without feeling rushed.

How long do I have to provide feedback?

Ready to chat Shopify for your business?

Let’s get together to get your Shopify website design and build underway.


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