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Showit V WordPress. Which Is Better For Your Business?


Showit is the newest website hosting platform on the block and here at Tiny Crowd we have been gravitating towards it a lot more in 2022. We have recently switched our own website over to Showit and have been designing more and more Showit sites for our clients.

We wanted to do a comparison on Showit V WordPress so you can decide which is the right platform for your business. 

What are the main differences between Showit & WordPress?

The main difference between Showit & WordPress is the ability to build a beautiful website with minimal coding. Showit was designed as a visual website builder, whereas WordPress requires a lot of coding to achieve the same look and feel.

Showit allows you to simply drag, drop, rearrange to redesign the site rather than coding in the back end. 

WordPress is a CMS that lets you activate pre-designed themes to style your website, however if you want to edit or update these themes you will need to know CSS, HTML, JavaScript coding.

Which has better SEO?

One of the main questions we get is, how does Showit SEO compare to WordPress.

Showit comes with a range of features that have built in SEO capabilities. You are able to edit the SEO on each page, just like WordPress. 

Plot twist, Showit actually uses WordPress for blog pages, so you are getting all the same SEO features as a WordPress website, it is just a lot prettier and easier to use. This includes the powerful SEO plugin, Yoast.

What features does a good platform need for SEO?

  • Imagefile name: Easily add a filename to each image used on your website with SEO Titles feature, Google can’t see photos they way humans can, so this feature allows you give each photo a relevant name. Google loves this and will reward you with a higher ranking, a win win!
  • Image alt text: Not only can you add a filename to an image, you can also add a detailed description, this is what will show if your site can’t load the image and is super helpful for SEO reaching your target audience.
  • Title tags: Title or page tags are essential for SEO, it is the title that shows in your tab description and will help Google understand what each of your website pages and blogs are about.
  • Meta description: This has a major impact on click through rates from Google rather than SEO itself. It ensures your page looks credible and gives a clear explanation on what the user will land on when they click through.
  • Text properties: Including Headings throughout your blog posts is extremely important for SEO, it helps Google breakdown the contents of the post and increases the chances of your page ranking higher!
  • Automatic SSL certificate: Showit provides its users with an automatic SSL certificate, saving you time and money of getting one through a third party.

Image Alt TextYesYes
Image File NameYesYes
Title TagsYesYes
Meta DescriptionYesYes
Text PropertiesYesYes
Automatic SSL certificateYesYes

As we can see, Showit has all the SEO features needed to ensure your site is getting to the top of Google. 

So which one is right for your business?

You might be able to tell, as designers we do lean towards Showit. It is a visual platform that requires much less time and money outsourcing coding. 

However, it, of course, is not for everyone. WordPress has been the standard for websites for a long time, and we don’t see it going anywhere. 

If you are interested in building a new site with Showit, please reach out and we will be happy to help!

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