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Hi, I’m Su-Ann
I believe that a strong visual brand can create an impact for good. A bold statement. I know. But hear me out:
A strong brand organically attracts YOUR PEOPLE.
It sparks connection on a deeper level.
How do I know? Because as a digital and graphic designer, I’ve celebrated countless wins with my Tiny Crowd legends. (AKA my clients.) And I’d love to see the same traction for you and your brand.

Plan your year with these Top 2023 Retail Campaigns

How To

Check out the key retail and calendar moments for 2023 and start planning your campaigns early. 

Don’t forget to do some extra research for smaller, more brand specific days; do you sell designer goods for pets, find out when it’s national dog day; a candy shop can leverage national chocolate day. 

There is a day for everything so don’t miss the opportunity to engage with your customers in a fun way to celebrate!


  • 4th-31st: Back to School
  • 22nd: Chinese New Year


  • Sydney WorldPrice
  • 14th: Valentines Day
  • 25th: Mardi Gras


  • 8th: International Women’s Day
  • 16th-19th: Afterpay Day


  • 7th-10th: Easter Long Weekend
  • 22nd: Earth Day


  • 22nd: Mother’s Day
  • 15th-19th: Australian Fashion Week
  • 16-18th: Click Frenzy


  • 12th: King’s Birthday
  • 18-24th: Click Frenzy
  • 30th: EOFY


  • Winter Sales
  • Christmas in July


  • Afterpay Day


  • Father’s Day


  • 2nd: Labour Day
  • 24-26th: Click Frenzy
  • 31st: Halloween


  • 11th: Singles Day
  • 24th: Black Friday
  • 27th: Cyber Monday


  • 25th: Christmas Day
  • 26th: Boxing Day
  • 31st: New Year’s Eve

Check out some of our previous campaigns with brands such as Feather & Noise, Jeanswest and Supre. If you’re interested in Tiny Crowd’s service to collaborate with your business and design a custom campaign targeted to your audience get in touch with us!

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